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Location, Location, Location

This axiom—location, location, location works in so many segments of our life. From the value of your home, to your vacation choices and even where you do business, location is an important factor. Participating in the Belleville Farmers Market on Saturdays certainly exemplifies the location axiom. Not just a great place to sell our products and also a magnificent source for the produce used in making many of Grandma’s Fresh Pasta, it also has provided us with the opportunity to meet a lot of friendly neighbours and learn so much about our community.

Much of the produce such as locally grown beets, peppers and spinach are used in the manufacturing of our fresh pastas. This healthy produce is purchased from the other vendors while we are there on Saturdays and processed in our kitchen during the week so that our pasta is truly farm-to-table fresh.

These Farmers also provide valuable information as to the best methods to prepare, cook and save their produce for use in a variety of other menu items.

We not only obtain great produce and advice from our fellow vendors, but many times we are able to refer our customers back to these same vendors for items that will help enhance their dinners with sauces, mushrooms, tomatoes and many more food items that will enhance our pasta and help finish their dinner to perfection. So no matter what your taste in food is, we are sure that you will find everything needed to create great meals at the Belleville Farmers Market!!

Why not stop in at the market and meet some wonderful people and make some great friends?   We encourage you to visit our recipe page to try a fast (15 min) pasta dish that contains only local items. It even includes dessert!



For more information or to join the Friends of the Belleville Farmers Market, please follow this link:

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